In search of Adventure

Finnally we've made it

The Dead Grandfather of the iyi, Marduck let us out of the iyi dungeon, but not with out casualties. Nozaka murdered himself on account of insanity, and was transformed into a floating spear known as ‘Mr. Flakey.’ His apparent great potential is not known, but a sage in the keep on the Borderlands is apparently knowledgeable on this matter. Walker was also affected mentally & physically by this strange dungeon. He has gained some sort of ancient artifact called the ‘iyi,’ which has grafted itself to his eye. When ever using this power he takes upon a gruffer and meaner side of him we know as Killer. During the encounter four gems were ascertained each of 500GP value, but they are extremely fragile. The only ‘living’ denizen of this place was a man named Marduck. He seems extremely knowledgeable of the iyi, but the adventuring party wanted nothing to do with this strange artifact. The sage released us transporting us via a facet of the iyi called ‘jadori.’ We saw the form of a bear wearing a crescent attached to a golden chain on his neck. The bear stood on his hind legs and then we were transpose by the same means of before to The keep on the boarder lands.
On the door step of the great establishment at sunrise, we can fell the mounting adventure of the place.

The keep on the Borderlands
session #1

We make our way past the corporal of the watch after giving him our names, and Suki. We then left for the travelers in, and changed into some more comfortable clothes, and carried only small coin purses, and daggers. We then went to the section of the building called The Blue Unicorn Tavern, but everyone just calls it ‘The Pub.’ Since it was only sunrise we were suppressed to find service. A young boy about Suki’s age named Bertram waited on us, and gave us a free round of beer for being adventurers.
We didn’t sit for long until we heard sobbing. The sobbing was coming from a half naked man crying over a pint of beer. He was crying and whining about how the monks kicked him out of the Monastery for not following the laws set in place. We had a humorous conversation with this man named Halo, and everyone except Walker wanted to help him. A little tipsy we decided to convert him at the local priest, but only Demo decided to convert, and Halo beat the missionary down, when he tried to pour holy water on his head.
When we brought him back to the pub suki was dead drunk on the floor, and the stench of her vomit made Halo vomit who in turn fainted. We left them, and traded in our gems, after bartering we raised the price from 100 GP each to 450 GP each, for four 500 GP value gems. After we were feeling tired, we retired to our rooms forgetting Halo, and Suki.
The next morning they were still there, and we woke them. Then we enjoyed a breakfast of fresh fruit. I swear that Bertram kid never sleeps. Everyone, but Fighter returned to their rooms after that to gather treasure from the previous encounter to split up. That was when he heard a voice called for help, and cursing a thief who had stolen the goods she was going to pawn.
Fighter rushed out, and saw the cloak of this man, and gave chase. The chase ended when the thief turned onto a road that soldiers were marching on. Fighter did not slow down, he pouched the man in the back so hard his neck broke.
The cry halt came from the man leading the soldiers, and he announced the man dead.

Follow the dirt-brick road
session #1

He ordered Fighter to stay put, and ordered some of his men to fetch the scribe. The scribe came with the list of names, and quickly Demo, Suki, Dräfen, and walker were summoned. They were all quickly escorted to the castellan’s chamber in the Keep Fortress. At first it seemed the party would get a death sentence, but once Fighter explained the man was a thief, the castellan slapped him on the back and congratulated him. They sat down for second breakfast in one of his dinning room, and then matters turned dark. He offered them a job. He told them of how the Keep had been attacked by humanoid bands. He told them many rumors heard about the place the humanoids were holing up, called the caves of chaos. After much discussion, and a large treasure promised the adventurers, were off.
After they grabbed Halo

Here ends their first Two day adventure in the Keep.

The adventurers set off east from the keep, and followed the road for three hours. The adventurers knew that that the caves of chaos were within fifty yards of the eastern side of the keep. At least that is what the lookout could figure after the attack. So towards the end of the road, they thought that the road would yield nothing, and let their guard down.

session #1

A band of three goblins quickly surrounded the party, and two smacked halo in the head at the same time. The poor boy slumped to the ground unconscious. These two were quickly killed by Fighter and Demo. The third ran in fear yelling “Bree-Yark”. Suki didn’t hesitate in notching an arrow and killing the creature. The followed the path to where he was heading, and saw the caves of chaos. An enormous sparsely wooded valley with countless caves along the walls, and we were at the bottom. We’d have to get to all of them one way or another.
So we went into a patch of the wooded area that the humanoids hadn’t cut yet, and went to the side of the cliff, and found a wide opening. To our left was a rough carving on the side of a tree, that depicted all of the countless tunnels, and channels that ran through the sides of these valley. We copied it down, and continued into the mouth of the tunnel.

A sack a day keeps the ogre away
session #1

We entered the dimly lit room that smelled like wet bear fur, and we saw an enormous ogre sleeping along a wall. The sound of our entrance woke him up from his nap on a bear carcass stuffed with leaves. He stood up and told us in goblin “you goblins shouldn’t have come in that way, I thought we had an agreement.” Then Walker said in Goblin “Mr.Troll we aren’t goblins, but merely humble adventurers searching for our fortunes. Have you any quarrel with us, for we have none with you.” They exchanged for a while, and he said we’re being allowed to leave peacefully if we find the secret entrance to the goblin lair. He took the party to the adjacent room. Empty except a dirty sack. dräfen searched the room with his trained elven eyes. He decided to move aside the sack. The ogre yelled in its own language, but he was to late it had split open, and 300 GP spilled out over the chamber. Suki licked her lips greedily, and almost pocketed some, but walker put the coins back into a sack he had in his pack, and returned every piece to the ogre. He muttered something unintelligible in ogre. Then dräfen got an idea. “Fighter stomp the ground where the sack was sitting.” Fighter stomped so hard it hurt his ankle. Then dräfen searched the area of the wall behind the sack, and lo and behold found a small trap door that swung out. He climbed up the shaft into a goblin guard room. That day the goblins learned how to say the F-work in elven.

A party of six vs. A part of seven. I wonder what Suki going to do?
session #1

One of the goblins said in Goblin, “I got this one boys,” but to dräfen it sounded like “Gob gob goblin gob gob.” This goblin advanced, and dräfen took out his short sword.
Below Walker shook hands with the ogre thanking him for being so civilized. The ogre told them never to step in his lair again he hates trouble, and knew that adventurers seeking their fortune, are nothing but trouble. Then Fighter heard a blade hit blade and a thump, and yelled “Oh my god dräfen just been killed.”
FIghter climbed up the crevice and saw a decapitated goblin body in front of dräfen while he was laughing shallowly holding a bloody shoulder. Fighter cut a goblin clean through the waist, and as one was ready to strike him Walker poked his head out and shoot a magic missile at it, that hit it in the head, which bent back so far it broke its neck. The remaining guards backed up and prepared to fight. Demo climbed up the shaft and said, “wait a Minute guys let us take care of them.” Then he helped up Halo. Halo kicked one in the ribs so hard it stopped his heart, and Demo slashed one in the last one in the face.
Suki jumped up from the hole and yelled a war cry thinking there was still one alive for her to kill.
FAIL Suki”

I hate it when girls are right
session #1

Ironically though Suki was right without knowing it. The second group of (six) guards quickly hurried to this area after hearing the sounds of fighting. Once Walker said fail a goblin true a spear at him, and it pierced him through the stomach, (but luckily it only dealt 1 HP of damage.)
The fight was quick and painless. The party slaughter the six quickly, and efficiently. They sacked the room, and found 250GP in a sack hidden in a rum barrel, which they made Suki carry.
They traveled east along the hallways to the place where the other guards were stationed, and didn’t bother to loot that area, and continued up the staircase, to its landing and turned right (west) to climb more stairs, up to a door.

Whats a hobgoblin again
session #1

The door lead to a common room filled with five males, eight females, and three young. Two males were guarding the door. The adventurers scared them so badly, they were to shocked to attack for two melee rounds. The adventurers slaughtered the males, and left the females, and children. They continued to the TORTURE CHAMBER/PLAYROOM/FOOD STORAGE In their were two hobgoblins armed with whips, and longsword. They whipped Fighter and jerked him so hard he fell stunned for 1 melee rounds. “WAIT” yelled Walker in goblin.

Take us to your leader
session #1
For a while he diplomatically argued with the goblins. They believed him in saying that the goblins had slaughtered the hobgoblins in the common room, and that the party wanted to help the hobgoblins (which they truly did.)The hobgoblins didn’t believe or trust them at first, it sounded as if the adventurers had witnessed the slaughter and done nothing. Walker countered that they saw the mangled bodies, and recognized goblin weapon cut wounds. Then they asked why they had elves with them, and whipped the two elves. (dräfen, and suki) The attack left dräfen with an enormous diagonal scar across his face. Walker said that they were slaves, and asked the hobgoblins take us to your leader. The hobgoblins believed this and took them all to the chieftain in charge of their tribe.

While this diplomacy was going one pained screams of humans, and humanoids pleaded for help. So dräfen, took Mr. Flakey from Fighter hid in the shadows, and when both hobgoblins, and the party left he released Mr. Flakey from his lead box, and he dimly lit the room.

No don't release the hounds
Session #1 - dräfen's mini adventure part: 1/3

I quickly scoured every niche and corner for the keys. Luckily these were relatively stupid hobgoblins, and I found the keys on the walls. There were six prisoners. The merchant, his wife, and his two bodyguards. An Oeridian, and a Flan, who were nude with bloody whip marks all over their bodies. The other two were an almost unconscious orc, and a rabid gnoll. I released the Merchants wife, who toke out a glowing knife, and put it to my neck. “Help my husband” I did so, and also released the men-at-arms. Who were so excited that they both gave me a big bear hug. After much contemplation I realized the orc who slumped to the floor and kissed my feet. I shock his hand, and even though we couldn’t communicate. We became friends (usually orcs hate elves, and kill on sight.) Then I tried calming down the gnoll which seemed to work, so I unlocked his chains. He gave me a hug like the men-at-arms, and then when i thought I had befriended him, he gripped so tight he almost broke my back, and whipped me around trying to give me whiplash. Then he dropped me and bolted. I fell to the ground, and a red haze fell before my eyes, my back hurt, and I couldn’t feel my arms. My orc friend bellowed a piteous cry.
I knew I was dying.


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