In search of Adventure

napping I see
Session #1 Wrap-up

dräfen came in, with Mr. Flakey looking healthy, and new. His party and the adventurers party merged, and they true a Booze Bash with all the stuff from the supply room, in the supply room. They partied for who knows how long, and looked over the treasure

…I’m to tiered I’ll finnish this later

There's a reason he's not a monk
session #1 - cleaning up 2/2

The party started feeling remorseful for killing the hobgoblin. After thinking about it he wasn’t half as bad of a dude he seemed to be. Halo didn’t feel sentimental at all. He took charge ordered Demo to fetch dräfen “we’re sleeping here tonight.”
And had Suki set up camp while Walker, and Fighter took stock of the supplies.
He left, and when he was gone killed the hobgoblin keeping watch in Grog’s private quarters, and then killed all of the Female, and children Hobgoblins.

He later bragged about this.

Genocide in it's purest
session #1 - cleaning up 1/2

The chieftain grog walked into the storage room.
He turned around tears on his face “we’ve finally done it. We’ve beaten those stupid goblins after all this time”
He wiped his tears and said cheerfully to the party “okay who are we killing next?”
“You” Killer said as he threw flaming oil at him. Fighter also slashed him across the stomach as this happened. “Please I’m begging you,” He groveled piteously right before Halo kicked him so hard in the face that his foot went three inches into his face.

At that my favorite Hobgoblin was killed R.I.P. Hobgoblin Chieftain Grog

KM: He was a fricken BOSS
MP: actually no. He was a Sub-Boss
KM: I’m sad to see him go, he was growing on me.

He's a sub-boss actually

We were going off to kill the last party of goblins. They were hidden in a storage room the hobgoblins had a secret passage to, that they used to steal food with. he was very confident still with his four henchmen, and us, so the chieftain rounded the corned with blood craze in his eyes. He was lucky that he didn’t get hit. Four goblin crossbow-men shot with deadly accuracy shot, and killed four hobgoblins. He was sure pissed. He walked right up to them while they wee loading for a second volley, and shoved ones head into the other, and they split open. The remaining two fired their lost volley at the last two Hobgoblin henchmen. They cried silent tears as the chieftain smashed their two heads together, and killed some of the most noble goblins the world has never seen. Any other goblins would have ran out, after their leader was killed, but these didn’t.
KM: He is a fricken BOSS
MP: actually no. He is a Sub-Boss

For Narnia
Session #1 - Walker 3/3

I tried to draw attention back to killed goblins. A win-win for both of us, now we just have to hope our 18-man war party can take these green-faced bastards.
FIrst we descended on the common room. We only took one Hobgoblin casualty to take out six goblins. Then we entered the goblin chieftains quarters. The adventurers, and hobgoblins quickly killed all of his (three) guards and (two) wives only taking two casualties. Then once all of our fighting stopped we saw the two chieftains engaged in a furious battle. Their swords were set against each other, and it looked as if the goblins strength was waning. The Hobgoblin chieftain must have saw this to and struck him in the knee. The sword sliced through his right leg like butter. The goblin cried in pain, and as he fell to the ground the hobgoblin sliced his left arm off. The goblin cried on the ground for five whole minutes.
“well at least he could hold onto his life better than he could hold onto his mother.” The hobgoblin said
“What happened to his mother?” Walker asked
“I killed her.”

True potential
Session #1 - dräfen's mini adventure part: 3/3

God bless Fighter’s clanky armor, Demo’s loud steps, and Suki’s super loud boisterous voice.
I heard them coming before they left the Toucher Chamber, and it gave me enough time to formulate the most simple yet risky plan in the history of the world, and it was all riding on Mr. Flakey.
clomp clomp that was it, the footsteps were right where I wanted them. Mr. Flakey rushed out flashing blue, his warning color. The Party closed their eyes, insightful to my plan, or just fearful of the hobgoblins finding my location. Then he released a blinding flash of light, that totally exhausted his powers. He turned into a stone ball, hopefully temporarily. I grabbed him in the air, and darted out with my party pushing past the stunned Hobgoblins. We burst through the trees into bright sunlight. (It was nine or ten O’clock) Then we set up camp in the open sunlight. It felt good on our backs, and seemed to revive Mr.Flakey. The rest of my party enjoyed it most since they’d been trapped inside of the caves for so long. We were out of danger, and luckily weren’t spotted by any other humanoids.

You'll die one way or another
Session #1 - Walker 2/3

Then the party with both battalion of four guards, a third group of three (the fourth was left behind to guard the chieftains quarters), and the chieftain walked towards the Torture Chamber, and passed the corpse of his jailor with his removed organs. This must be important to him for some reason. Making a point that we were helpless, I think he wanted to play with us before killing us. He forced us in first, and then had every battalion crowd in. Claustrophobia was setting in, and I felt nauseous. At least the prisoners were gone, dräfen had succeeded. At least we had one win against these guys.
“Arg you took our food for tonights banquet.”
“It must have been our other elven slave.”
“Well your replacing the food you stole”
“how about our other slave”
I offered suki to him, and they pressed in further
“So you don’t want to be eaten”
“no” Walker said
“then you will kill your rouge slave, and help us defeat the goblins”
“and you will also give us your packs”
“You’ll offer your two slaves, as food, and give us your packs, all your armor and weapons, so that you won’t live no matter what”
Walker what feeling sick and he only could barely whisper “Deal”
The hobgoblins backed up and marched to kill the goblins, with us in the front lines.

Our poison becomes our medicine
Session #1 - dräfen's mini adventure part: 2/3

As I laid on the floor dying the wife poured a blue sparkly liquid into my mouth. The pain subsided but I was still sore. I knew this feeling, it was a healing potion. “Lucky I found one in your pack.”
“Yeah I don’t trust clerics, I carry my own set.”
Then we heard the foot steps of on of the guards, and as he was about to move towards us, the gnoll ran like crazy attacking the jailer, as revenge for torturing it. Then it started eating it’s entrails. I guess if your hungry your hungry. We would have gotten off scotch free, if the wife hadn’t screamed the loudest she could.
We ran all the way back to the caves area where we first killed the goblins, and hid in one of the tributaries from the main passage. I forced Nozaka back into the lead box to extinguish his light. Then we stood huddled in the darkest corner we could find. Then we stood huddled awaiting our fate, and it didn’t look bright.

Diplomacy in its purest
session #1 - Walker 1/3

I walked slowly through the halls following hobgoblins. They barked at another group in a room we passed, and four hobgoblins fell in behind us.
No escape.
Then we passed through a guard room, they passed in front of us.
No escape.
They surrounded their chieftain. Damn we can’t attack, just diplomacy left.
No escape.
The hobgoblin chieftain, yelled in goblin at one of the jailers “make sure there is always one person on guard at a time, never leave out food unattended”
Ne escape. Not even for dräfen.
The conference started
“Why are you here”
“I want to be allies”
“What did you tell my jailers to get them to take you here”
“I told them about the recent attack where…”
“I’m aware of it”
“yes Anka told me all about it”
Then a little hobgoblin girl came from behind his desk and told everyone about how the adventurers slaughtered both of her dads.
“So I think that evidence is closer to what really happened, guards!”
“Wait wait we can explain… Please”
Right before they tried to kill us there was a shrill shriek that echoed trough out he hall ways. The room was deathly quiet.
“guards lets go find the seventh adventurer”

As I said.
No way out.
Not even for dräfen.

No don't release the hounds
Session #1 - dräfen's mini adventure part: 1/3

I quickly scoured every niche and corner for the keys. Luckily these were relatively stupid hobgoblins, and I found the keys on the walls. There were six prisoners. The merchant, his wife, and his two bodyguards. An Oeridian, and a Flan, who were nude with bloody whip marks all over their bodies. The other two were an almost unconscious orc, and a rabid gnoll. I released the Merchants wife, who toke out a glowing knife, and put it to my neck. “Help my husband” I did so, and also released the men-at-arms. Who were so excited that they both gave me a big bear hug. After much contemplation I realized the orc who slumped to the floor and kissed my feet. I shock his hand, and even though we couldn’t communicate. We became friends (usually orcs hate elves, and kill on sight.) Then I tried calming down the gnoll which seemed to work, so I unlocked his chains. He gave me a hug like the men-at-arms, and then when i thought I had befriended him, he gripped so tight he almost broke my back, and whipped me around trying to give me whiplash. Then he dropped me and bolted. I fell to the ground, and a red haze fell before my eyes, my back hurt, and I couldn’t feel my arms. My orc friend bellowed a piteous cry.
I knew I was dying.


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