In search of Adventure

You'll die one way or another

Session #1 - Walker 2/3

Then the party with both battalion of four guards, a third group of three (the fourth was left behind to guard the chieftains quarters), and the chieftain walked towards the Torture Chamber, and passed the corpse of his jailor with his removed organs. This must be important to him for some reason. Making a point that we were helpless, I think he wanted to play with us before killing us. He forced us in first, and then had every battalion crowd in. Claustrophobia was setting in, and I felt nauseous. At least the prisoners were gone, dräfen had succeeded. At least we had one win against these guys.
“Arg you took our food for tonights banquet.”
“It must have been our other elven slave.”
“Well your replacing the food you stole”
“how about our other slave”
I offered suki to him, and they pressed in further
“So you don’t want to be eaten”
“no” Walker said
“then you will kill your rouge slave, and help us defeat the goblins”
“and you will also give us your packs”
“You’ll offer your two slaves, as food, and give us your packs, all your armor and weapons, so that you won’t live no matter what”
Walker what feeling sick and he only could barely whisper “Deal”
The hobgoblins backed up and marched to kill the goblins, with us in the front lines.



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