In search of Adventure

True potential

Session #1 - dräfen's mini adventure part: 3/3

God bless Fighter’s clanky armor, Demo’s loud steps, and Suki’s super loud boisterous voice.
I heard them coming before they left the Toucher Chamber, and it gave me enough time to formulate the most simple yet risky plan in the history of the world, and it was all riding on Mr. Flakey.
clomp clomp that was it, the footsteps were right where I wanted them. Mr. Flakey rushed out flashing blue, his warning color. The Party closed their eyes, insightful to my plan, or just fearful of the hobgoblins finding my location. Then he released a blinding flash of light, that totally exhausted his powers. He turned into a stone ball, hopefully temporarily. I grabbed him in the air, and darted out with my party pushing past the stunned Hobgoblins. We burst through the trees into bright sunlight. (It was nine or ten O’clock) Then we set up camp in the open sunlight. It felt good on our backs, and seemed to revive Mr.Flakey. The rest of my party enjoyed it most since they’d been trapped inside of the caves for so long. We were out of danger, and luckily weren’t spotted by any other humanoids.



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