In search of Adventure

Take us to your leader

session #1

For a while he diplomatically argued with the goblins. They believed him in saying that the goblins had slaughtered the hobgoblins in the common room, and that the party wanted to help the hobgoblins (which they truly did.)The hobgoblins didn’t believe or trust them at first, it sounded as if the adventurers had witnessed the slaughter and done nothing. Walker countered that they saw the mangled bodies, and recognized goblin weapon cut wounds. Then they asked why they had elves with them, and whipped the two elves. (dräfen, and suki) The attack left dräfen with an enormous diagonal scar across his face. Walker said that they were slaves, and asked the hobgoblins take us to your leader. The hobgoblins believed this and took them all to the chieftain in charge of their tribe.

While this diplomacy was going one pained screams of humans, and humanoids pleaded for help. So dräfen, took Mr. Flakey from Fighter hid in the shadows, and when both hobgoblins, and the party left he released Mr. Flakey from his lead box, and he dimly lit the room.



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