In search of Adventure

Our poison becomes our medicine

Session #1 - dräfen's mini adventure part: 2/3

As I laid on the floor dying the wife poured a blue sparkly liquid into my mouth. The pain subsided but I was still sore. I knew this feeling, it was a healing potion. “Lucky I found one in your pack.”
“Yeah I don’t trust clerics, I carry my own set.”
Then we heard the foot steps of on of the guards, and as he was about to move towards us, the gnoll ran like crazy attacking the jailer, as revenge for torturing it. Then it started eating it’s entrails. I guess if your hungry your hungry. We would have gotten off scotch free, if the wife hadn’t screamed the loudest she could.
We ran all the way back to the caves area where we first killed the goblins, and hid in one of the tributaries from the main passage. I forced Nozaka back into the lead box to extinguish his light. Then we stood huddled in the darkest corner we could find. Then we stood huddled awaiting our fate, and it didn’t look bright.



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