In search of Adventure

No don't release the hounds

Session #1 - dräfen's mini adventure part: 1/3

I quickly scoured every niche and corner for the keys. Luckily these were relatively stupid hobgoblins, and I found the keys on the walls. There were six prisoners. The merchant, his wife, and his two bodyguards. An Oeridian, and a Flan, who were nude with bloody whip marks all over their bodies. The other two were an almost unconscious orc, and a rabid gnoll. I released the Merchants wife, who toke out a glowing knife, and put it to my neck. “Help my husband” I did so, and also released the men-at-arms. Who were so excited that they both gave me a big bear hug. After much contemplation I realized the orc who slumped to the floor and kissed my feet. I shock his hand, and even though we couldn’t communicate. We became friends (usually orcs hate elves, and kill on sight.) Then I tried calming down the gnoll which seemed to work, so I unlocked his chains. He gave me a hug like the men-at-arms, and then when i thought I had befriended him, he gripped so tight he almost broke my back, and whipped me around trying to give me whiplash. Then he dropped me and bolted. I fell to the ground, and a red haze fell before my eyes, my back hurt, and I couldn’t feel my arms. My orc friend bellowed a piteous cry.
I knew I was dying.



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