In search of Adventure

He's a sub-boss actually

We were going off to kill the last party of goblins. They were hidden in a storage room the hobgoblins had a secret passage to, that they used to steal food with. he was very confident still with his four henchmen, and us, so the chieftain rounded the corned with blood craze in his eyes. He was lucky that he didn’t get hit. Four goblin crossbow-men shot with deadly accuracy shot, and killed four hobgoblins. He was sure pissed. He walked right up to them while they wee loading for a second volley, and shoved ones head into the other, and they split open. The remaining two fired their lost volley at the last two Hobgoblin henchmen. They cried silent tears as the chieftain smashed their two heads together, and killed some of the most noble goblins the world has never seen. Any other goblins would have ran out, after their leader was killed, but these didn’t.
KM: He is a fricken BOSS
MP: actually no. He is a Sub-Boss



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