In search of Adventure

Genocide in it's purest

session #1 - cleaning up 1/2

The chieftain grog walked into the storage room.
He turned around tears on his face “we’ve finally done it. We’ve beaten those stupid goblins after all this time”
He wiped his tears and said cheerfully to the party “okay who are we killing next?”
“You” Killer said as he threw flaming oil at him. Fighter also slashed him across the stomach as this happened. “Please I’m begging you,” He groveled piteously right before Halo kicked him so hard in the face that his foot went three inches into his face.

At that my favorite Hobgoblin was killed R.I.P. Hobgoblin Chieftain Grog

KM: He was a fricken BOSS
MP: actually no. He was a Sub-Boss
KM: I’m sad to see him go, he was growing on me.



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