In search of Adventure

For Narnia

Session #1 - Walker 3/3

I tried to draw attention back to killed goblins. A win-win for both of us, now we just have to hope our 18-man war party can take these green-faced bastards.
FIrst we descended on the common room. We only took one Hobgoblin casualty to take out six goblins. Then we entered the goblin chieftains quarters. The adventurers, and hobgoblins quickly killed all of his (three) guards and (two) wives only taking two casualties. Then once all of our fighting stopped we saw the two chieftains engaged in a furious battle. Their swords were set against each other, and it looked as if the goblins strength was waning. The Hobgoblin chieftain must have saw this to and struck him in the knee. The sword sliced through his right leg like butter. The goblin cried in pain, and as he fell to the ground the hobgoblin sliced his left arm off. The goblin cried on the ground for five whole minutes.
“well at least he could hold onto his life better than he could hold onto his mother.” The hobgoblin said
“What happened to his mother?” Walker asked
“I killed her.”



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