In search of Adventure

The Dead Grandfather of the iyi, Marduck let us out of the iyi dungeon, but not with out casualties. Nozaka murdered himself on account of insanity, and was transformed into a floating spear known as ‘Mr. Flakey.’ His apparent great potential is not known, but a sage in the keep on the Borderlands is apparently knowledgeable on this matter. Walker was also affected mentally & physically by this strange dungeon. He has gained some sort of ancient artifact called the ‘iyi,’ which has grafted itself to his eye. When ever using this power he takes upon a gruffer and meaner side of him we know as Killer. During the encounter four gems were ascertained each of 500GP value, but they are extremely fragile. The only ‘living’ denizen of this place was a man named Marduck. He seems extremely knowledgeable of the iyi, but the adventuring party wanted nothing to do with this strange artifact. The sage released us transporting us via a facet of the iyi called ‘jadori.’ We saw the form of a bear wearing a crescent attached to a golden chain on his neck. The bear stood on his hind legs and then we were transpose by the same means of before to The keep on the boarder lands.
On the door step of the great establishment at sunrise, we can fell the mounting adventure of the place.



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