In search of Adventure

Diplomacy in its purest

session #1 - Walker 1/3

I walked slowly through the halls following hobgoblins. They barked at another group in a room we passed, and four hobgoblins fell in behind us.
No escape.
Then we passed through a guard room, they passed in front of us.
No escape.
They surrounded their chieftain. Damn we can’t attack, just diplomacy left.
No escape.
The hobgoblin chieftain, yelled in goblin at one of the jailers “make sure there is always one person on guard at a time, never leave out food unattended”
Ne escape. Not even for dräfen.
The conference started
“Why are you here”
“I want to be allies”
“What did you tell my jailers to get them to take you here”
“I told them about the recent attack where…”
“I’m aware of it”
“yes Anka told me all about it”
Then a little hobgoblin girl came from behind his desk and told everyone about how the adventurers slaughtered both of her dads.
“So I think that evidence is closer to what really happened, guards!”
“Wait wait we can explain… Please”
Right before they tried to kill us there was a shrill shriek that echoed trough out he hall ways. The room was deathly quiet.
“guards lets go find the seventh adventurer”

As I said.
No way out.
Not even for dräfen.



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