In search of Adventure

A sack a day keeps the ogre away

session #1

We entered the dimly lit room that smelled like wet bear fur, and we saw an enormous ogre sleeping along a wall. The sound of our entrance woke him up from his nap on a bear carcass stuffed with leaves. He stood up and told us in goblin “you goblins shouldn’t have come in that way, I thought we had an agreement.” Then Walker said in Goblin “Mr.Troll we aren’t goblins, but merely humble adventurers searching for our fortunes. Have you any quarrel with us, for we have none with you.” They exchanged for a while, and he said we’re being allowed to leave peacefully if we find the secret entrance to the goblin lair. He took the party to the adjacent room. Empty except a dirty sack. dräfen searched the room with his trained elven eyes. He decided to move aside the sack. The ogre yelled in its own language, but he was to late it had split open, and 300 GP spilled out over the chamber. Suki licked her lips greedily, and almost pocketed some, but walker put the coins back into a sack he had in his pack, and returned every piece to the ogre. He muttered something unintelligible in ogre. Then dräfen got an idea. “Fighter stomp the ground where the sack was sitting.” Fighter stomped so hard it hurt his ankle. Then dräfen searched the area of the wall behind the sack, and lo and behold found a small trap door that swung out. He climbed up the shaft into a goblin guard room. That day the goblins learned how to say the F-work in elven.



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